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Psychotherapy is an opportunity for deep healing and significant personal growth. This is done through the exploration of thoughts, feelings & behaviors for the purpose of problem solving or achieving higher levels of functioning and an increase in the individual's sense of his/her own well being.


At the Institute, our therapists work with an eclectic approach so that each person's needs are evaluated and met. We do not rely on one particular therapeutic approach to meet the needs, symptoms and personality of our clients.

  • Psychodynamic approach focuses on changing problematic behaviors, feeling and thoughts by uncovering their unconscious meaning and motivations.
  • Cognitive therapy emphasizes ones thoughts rather than actions. By learning to identify and change thought patterns and behaviors, actions and feelings can change, breaking the cycle of dysfunctional patterns of behavior.
  • Systemic approach will help identify current dynamics in a relationship and the unspoken rules of that system. Making a change in the any part of the system will lead to changes in the cycle of behavior in the system, thus, one person is never the "problem" of the larger system.
  • Interpersonal approach can be taken, helping to identify and understand self-defeating patterns in relationships and changing patterns that dont work. Present relationships are the focus and the sessions are centered around self-expression & exploration.


Our priority is to bring happiness and well-being to our clients' lives by restoring their mental/emotional balance. We want to help  break free from old habits, develop healthy coping skills and find new ways to respond to life's ever changing challenges, maximizing each persons potential.



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