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The Center for Integrative Psychiatry & Counseling

Our Team and Medical Staff

We pride ourselves on our friendly and professional staff. Our therapists are certified at the NJ state and national levels. We regularly attend seminars and conventions to ensure that our work is informed by the most advanced psychoanalytic methods.

Mercedes A Paine, MD

Co-founder and Medical Director 


Mercedes A Paine, MD is a Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist with over 15 years of experience and a diplomate of the American Bpoard of Psychiatry & Neurology. She recieved her medical degree from Pontificia Universidad Catolica Madre y Maestra and completed her training at New York State Psychiatric Institute, Columbia University, Department of Psychiatry. Her approach to patients is characterized by a holistic understanding of biological as well as psychosocial and environmental contributions. She incorporates psychotherapy, pharmacological management as well as other integrative approaches in treating each patient as a whole person. Her approach to individuals is strongly influenced by the belief that the mind, body & spirit work best when in concert. 


Dr. Paine specializes in the diagnosis, treatment & management of Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHD, Disruptive Behavioral Disorders, Mood Disorders, Anxiety Disorders, Eating Disorders as well as Schizophrenia & Personality Disorders. She works closely with the team at the center in the diagnosis, management & supervision of clinical cases. In addition, Dr. Paine provides ongoing consultation services to schools  and clinical support to child study teams.


Dr. Paine is an intuitive, empathic & compassionate physician who is skilled at recognizing maladaptive patterns of behavior and emotions and dedicated  to  assisting the patient towards a sense of well being in the therapeutic process.


To schedule an appoinment with Dr. Mercedes A. Paine, M.D. please contact her practice at Mercedes A. Paine, MD, PC (201) 487-4298.


Heidi Flax, MA, LPC

Co-founder and Clinical Director


Heidi Flax is a NJ state-licensed  marriage & family psychotherapist with a degree from New York University, who has been working with families, children, adolescents, adults and couples for over 20 years. Many people begin therapy to work towards moving aside obstacles or issues that prevent movement forward, whatever that looks like to is all individual. 

In her work with families she connects especially well with struggling adolescents/teens. As many families enter treatment in crisis, they require help to move towards developing clearer, realistic goals. The diversity of having worked in mental health, education & private practice has helped adopt a versatile approach to treatment.

In her practice, the mind-body connection is fundamental for growth and the use of relaxation, yoga and hypnotherapy as tools offers success in decreasing stress & anxiety & developing goals. It is important to know how to incorporate certain mindful techniques to increase self-awareness.

Cathy Gilio, LCSW



Cathy Gilio is a lisenced clinical social worker with a graduate degree from New York University. She is an experienced clinician with over 20 years of practice in a variety of settings, including schools, treatment facilities, hospitals, partial care and substance abuse centers. In her current practice, she specializes in treating children as young as age 3, adolescents and families. 

As an EMDR trained therpaist, Cathy has expertise in working with trauma and anxiety.

In her work, an understanding of the connection between mind and body is addressed with the use of mindfulness techniques, Somatics Experiencing, Sensory Motor Therapy & Relaxation.

Cathy brings to the relationship  a warmth &  sense of humor which fosters a safe, nurturing envirnment for healing.

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