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Therapy, or counseling, is a process focused on helping you heal and understand more effective ways to deal with the obstacles in your life opening up a space in which to move forward.  It can also serve as a supportive process when going through a difficult period.


Life is filled with ups and downs, moments of calm and moments of challenge. Whenever we are under stress enough to cause pain or upset for longer than a few days or enough to interfere in our daily functioning, therapy is often suggested. 


Therapy is most successful when the individual, couple  or family enters on their own and has a strong desire to change. Change means altering aspects of your life that aren't working any longer or are contributing to your challenges or ongoing issues. It's best to keep an open mind while in therapy, willing to try new ideas and challenge your existing beliefs around your behavior patterns and/or yourself. 


At The Institute, we will provide a safe & supportive environment in which to do this. We have specialized therapists who are skilled in different forms of therapy, offering you the the greatest opportunity for successful change. Please explore the different therapies listed to see which is best for you. 

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